2nd day of Laval Virtual


Yesterday was 2nd day of Laval Virtual. A lot of people came, more than the first day. A high school student in local was explaining of our work as volunteer.

From laval2009

From laval2009

昨日担当してくれた女の子は、あっという間にSecond Lifeに馴染んでしまい、会場のPCを使って自分のアバターを作ってしまいました。地元の大学に進む積りだそうですが、デジタルアートの分野にも興味を持っているとのこと。とても楽しそうに過ごしています。

And also, she made her own avator in exhibit space. People in France are spending time in Laval Virtual really happily.

From laval2009


I'll upload other works and exhibition after tommorow.