NHK WORLDでの放送 / Broadcasting in NHK WORLD

8/3 20:00より,NHKの全世界向け放送サービス「NHK WORLD」にて,ヒロシマ・アーカイブのニュースが放映されます. / The news of the Hiroshima archive will be broadcast by worldwide broadcasting service “NHK WORLD” by NHK, on Aug.03, 20:00.
日本国内では,上記公式サイトの右上で,同時刻にストリーミング放送されます.また,番組終了後も数日間閲覧可能です.ぜひご覧ください.(渡邉英徳) / The streaming will be broadcast in the upper right of the above-mentioned official site of “NHK-WORLD” at the same time. Moreover, after the program ends, the program archive will be available for several days. Please watch this program by all means.  (Hidenori Watanave)