「Museum of Ukrainian Victory」3Dマップの公開

ロシアによるウクライナ侵攻開始から1年目となる2023年2月24日,私たちはウクライナにおける史跡・文化遺産のデジタルアーカイブ「Museum of Ukrainian Victory」3Dマップを公開しました。このデジタルアーカイブは,フォトグラメトリによる史跡・遺産のデジタルアーカイブ化に取り組む国際NPO「Pixelated Realities」とのコラボレーションです。

Pixelated Realitiesの「Museum of Ukrainian Victory」プロジェクトは,戦禍の影響を受けて破壊され,あるいは危機に瀕しているウクライナの史跡・文化遺産をデジタル保存する取り組みです。私たちは,このプロジェクトで収集されたフォトグラメトリデータを,3Dのストーリーマップとしてまとめました。ウクライナ各地を巡りながら,廃墟に描かれたバンクシーの作品,土嚢で覆われた彫像などの文化遺産を閲覧することができます。

この作品は,大型ディスプレイ「Liquid Galaxy」でも体験可能です。本日,読売新聞ビルで開催中の報道展「ウクライナ 戦禍を生きる」において「ウクライナ 戦時下の復興 キーウ近郊からの報告」のコンテンツとともに展示します。みなさま,ぜひいらしてください。





About “The Museum of Ukrainian Victory”

“The Museum of Ukrainian Victory” is the war-documentary project The Museum of Ukrainian Victory created to reflect the full picture of the war.

Three-dimensional reconstructions, whether of a devastated home or the rusting shell of a burnt-out car, convey emotions and truth way more immersive than traditional war photography. An emergency war-documentary project aims to preserve in 3D the evidence of russian invasion and represent objects of historical importance which suffered or changed their function drastically in Ukraine.

The idea is to be able to communicate the atrocities of war with the current and future youth generation in a way they are used to consuming content: via video games, CGI, virtual and augmented reality and other engaging experiences. The project collects exhibits for the future Museum of Ukrainian Victory which in our vision may be a physical or a metaverse place where visitors will be able to see burnt russian vehicles, damaged sites in the cities together with preserved cultural heritage and protected with sand bags monuments represented as realistic 3D models based on 3D scanning data collected by Pixelated Realities NPO.

Statement from Tokyo

Hello Ukrainians and people all over the world. I’m very pleased to be collaborating with Pixelated Reality NPO on this project.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I have been creating digital maps of satellite images and photogrammetry. The purpose is to document the war crimes committed by Russia and the harm done to civilians, to tell the world about them, and to pass on the facts to future generations.

Pixelated Reality's The Museum of Ukrainian Victory is a war-documentary project on scanning the historical heritage of the Russian war against Ukraine. The amazing data they have collected will be put on a digital map, showing the great cultural heritage that extends throughout Ukraine and how such precious assets of humanity are endangered by the Russian invasion. War takes everything from us. There is no justice in this war.

I hope that our collaboration work will help to build a peaceful world where the whole world can join hands.

From Tokyo, with prayers
Hidenori Watanave, Professor at the University of Tokyo