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A Runner-up for the 2019 Jeffrey H. Brodsky Oral History Award at Columbia University

We are happy to announce that Tomoko Hiramoto, a Ph.D candidate of Watanave studio, has been chosen a runner-up for the 2019 Jeffrey H. Brodsky Oral History Award at Columbia University for her master’s thesis “Restoring Testimonies.
OHMA of Columbia University, which is responsible for awarding the Jeffrey H. Brodsky Oral History Award describes Tomoko’s work as follows;
“Tomoko Hiramoto interviewed Hibakusha, survivors of the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima. By comparing the narratives co-produced through an oral history process with hibakusha’s pre-existing public testimonies, she shows the gaps between a public, collective memory and the more intimate, dialogic public memory of an oral history. She expertly situates her findings in the history of public memory about the atomic bomb, both in Japan and internationally, with a focus on American understandings of this event. She not only demonstrates what is obscured in ritualized collective memory, but shows us the specific his…



雑然としていたLiquid Galaxyルームも,再レイアウトされ,使いやすくなりました。現在,Liquid Galaxyは修理手配中ですが,復旧後,特任助教の高田先生らが共同研究を進める場所として,活用されていくことと思います。